Monday, May 2, 2016

Garden Update

Hello all you homesteaders out there! We hope your gardens are coming along as fabulous as ours is. There are a few issues, but for the most part we are definitely on schedule. Yesterday we told you about our new farm and showed you what our garden plots look like. Today we want to give you an update on how the plants are growing. 

Plot #1 which was planted in purple hull peas is a complete disaster. There might be a total of 10 little sprouts out of over 20 rows. We usually end up planting too late, but this plot was planted way too early. Needless to say this plot will be a complete replant. 

Plot #2 is doing great. This plot is planted in green beans and pinto beans. As you can see in the pictures they are doing great. There are a few bare spots we will have to spot plant but other than that we are good to go with Plot #2. Our family loves beans and peas and we absolutely can't wait for a fresh pot of either or both!

Plot #3 is where we planted our corn. We had a small bag of sweet corn seeds left from last year and we started the first two rows with those. There might have been 15 or 20 sprouts come up so we are going to replant those rows. The rest of the plot is doing AMAZING! We planted G90 corn which is the most popular corn where we are here in south Arkansas. It looks great and we hope it keeps on thriving like it is now.

Plot #4 is our little corner plot I told you about. We currently have about 12 hills of zucchini and more than 50 hills of squash. The zucchini has popped up on every hill. Can't say the same for the squash. I would say less than half the hills have come up so we will be replanting these as well. This was our fault. I am pretty sure we planted the squash a little too early. We will see how it goes. The plants that came up look great don't you think?

Sunday, May 1, 2016


As you have probably already realized, Stinnett Family Farms has been quiet for quite some time now. Reasons being we have been blessed with an amazing new farm! 

We will be updating you on the progress of the new farm soon, but for now I want to show you the new vegetable garden. There are a total of 5 plots that make up our vegetable garden. Plot #1 is the biggest of the 5 plots. The picture shown is while we were still breaking ground initially. You can see the size by the outline of the dirt that has already been tilled. We have finished this spot and it is currently planted in purple hull peas. We can't wait for a batch of fresh peas mmmm mmmm mmmm....

Plot #2 is roughly half the size of #1. There are about 16 rows compared to over 25 rows in #1, and they are somewhat shorter as well. We currently have the spot planted with 2 rows of green beans and the rest in pinto beans. The pintos will be one of the first things we will harvest and we are so very excited! 

Next on the list is Plot #3. It is similar in size to #2 and is currently planted entirely of corn. We haven't had much luck with corn in the past, but we are hoping having ALOT more planted this time will yield better results. We would love to be able to have corn all year long! In the picture we are looking back toward plot #2 and behind that where you can see my wife standing is plot #1. We have never had a garden as big as this one and there are still two plots to go!

Plot #4 is what we refer to as our little corner plot. Our garden plots make an L shape on our property. It goes down the side of our house and then all the way across the back. We will have more pictures of the house and the rest of the farm soon. Plot #4 is planted in squash and zucchini. We have about 12 hills of zucchini and I believe over 50 hills of squash. Again, we have never had a garden this size but I have been told by several old timers that we have enough squash planted to feed everybody we know if it makes but we will see how it turns out. It would be great to have enough to give to our family and friends! 

And that brings us to Plot #5. This last Plot is fairly good sized. It goes across the entire back of our trailer. We have 18 broccoli and 18 brussels sprouts planted. We have about 9 rows of okra planted but I think we planted it too early so we are going to have to replant. We also will be adding banana peppers, jalapenos, and tomatoes to this plot very soon. We are going to try a new way of growing tomatoes this year thanks to a pin we found on Pinterest. Stay tuned for details and pictures coming up soon!

That wraps up the grand tour of the garden. We have tons more to show you coming up here at Stinnett Family Farms. And as always we want to say from our farm to yours.... 

Monday, April 29, 2013


I know it probably sounds crazy that I would be sharing with you how to boil an egg, but unless you have boiled a FARM FRESH egg before you may have trouble like we did the first time we tried. Ever have eggs rip apart when you try to peel them?
The key to boiling a farm fresh egg is to disrupt the unusually thick membranes that connect it to the shell. As you will see in the step-by-step directions, the key is to add the eggs to already boiling water. By doing this you can disconnect the membranes.
Check out the EGGZY blog. This is the site I found the directions on when I searched How To Boil A Farm Fresh Egg on Google! I hope this helps.
I also wanted to tell you guys about a brand new feathure here at the Stinnett Family Farms site. I call it the HOMESTEAD TOOLBOX. How to boil a farm fresh egg will be the very first entry in the new toolbox. We hope to fill it with hundreds of useful tips and tricks that will save you time and money around your homestead. Feel free to e-mail us if you have any helpful tips and tricks that you use and would like to share with the community.
Thanks for joining us on this beautiful Monday morning. And as always....


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Chicks Are Hatching, Bunnies Being Born, Spring Is In The Air

Hello all you homesteaders!! Just wanted to touch base and let everybody know what's goin' on at Stinnett Family Farms. Spring has definitely been in the air for the past week or so. Been through the whole sinus problems with all the POLLEN in the air. 

This one we call a little naked buff lol. He/she is half buff
orpington and half naked neck. Aint they the cutest??
This one is half buff orpington and half domineker. The
rest are full buff orpington.
Here at the farm we are gearing up for baby chicks. The Hatching House is nearly complete. The only thing left is to add an outside run and paint and it will be awesome!! Can't wait
Here is the gang in one of our brooder boxes.
 to show you that. Anyway, we have our first batch of chicks hatched. They are about 3 days old now. When they outgrow the brooder box they move to a wire bottom cage that is also inside the hatch house. From there they go to the dirt floor and then allowed to go out into the run on warm days. From the hatch house they move to the grow out pen until they either join our other hens for next years eggs or they go into the freezer. We plan to raise at least 60 for butcher this year. The wife and I figured one chicken a week for our family plus one here and there. That is pretty much our operation as far as our chickens go.
After we hatch the chicks we are going to hatch for the year we will start keeping the eggs unless someone requests some chicks then I might hatch a few. I have a huge incubator I found really cheap so I hatch all my eggs.

We have garden spots and vegetables being planted in every dry spot we can find on our property. We were not planning on nearly half our land being under water all winter. It will take forever for it to dry out to plant. So we are trying to clear out and plant in the dry spots.

Over at Bouncing Bundles Rabbitry, Bee, our holland lop doe, has a new litter of four little bundles of joy. They are 2 days old. They are soooo precious. We have new rabbits that will be joining our herd soon. Two new Californian rabbits for sure. A new bloodline to mix with. Also we are going to be getting a new Holland Lop Doe and hopefully we will get a color we want to keep out of Bee this time. If not I may trade her with a friend of mine for other rabbits for our breeding program. We hope you will follow along on the Bouncing Bundles site as we introduce new breeders and new litters of babies.

Anyway, just love going out and spending time with the critters. The wife and I truly "BOND" while we are together interacting with our animals. They are dependent on us for feed and as a homesteader we are dependent on them to feed us in return. Our animals are SUPER SPOILED!! lol. Still looking for yall to share what you have growing and being born at your farm and as always...

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Best Way To Hatch Eggs Ever! Mrs. Feathers Nest!!!

Wanna know the best way in the world to hatch your eggs? Under a DUCK of course!! I was able to catch Mrs. Feathers off her nest this morning while we were feeding the critters. Guess she got hungry!! LOL!!
Remember I told you Mrs. Feathers had laid a nest out in the field in an old chicken coop that I was in the process of tearing down. Here is a close-up where you can see the 4 nest boxes in the back of it. She is in the first one on the left. It looks like cotton all around her. Ill add another pic later when I catch her back on the nest. It was cool this morning but the eggs were all roasty and toasty!!
We CAN NOT WAIT for Mrs. Feathers to bring 19 new little mouths to feed (just kidding) 19 of the most precious little bundles of joy they are going to be ADORABLE!! I can't wait to share them with you.
Do you have any little ones being hatched or born? We want to see them. We would love to share them with our readers if you don't mind!! You could end up featured in one of our "You Can Homestead Series" Manuals. Chicks, Bunnies, Goats, anything you like to share!!!!!
Hope you guys are enjoying sring time and as always....
From Stinnett Family Farms

Monday, April 8, 2013


Hello all you homesteaders. I wanted to let you know whats happenin at the farm!! We went to visit my brother over the weekend and he stopped at a friends house to show me some donkeys the man is finding new homes for. My wife is in love with them she has been talking about donkeys for a while so we are thinking about it. What do you think??

The garlic patch is growing nicely. We planted it in the fall and mulched over it but it came up and grew all winter long. Cant wait until the fall so we can EAT IT!!! We also started alot of seeds for a variety of vegetables and are starting to work on herbs as well. I am so ready to start putting plants in the herb garden we worked so hard on.

And that leads us to Mrs. Feathers. We have been waiting patiently for her to start a nest. Well, this  morning my wife and I rode the 4-wheeler back to the pond to look around and we couldn't find Mrs. Feathers anywhere. Well, we went back up to the barn to call em and I spotted her in a nest box on this old chicken coop we are in the process of tearing down. Mrs. Feathers is sitting up there like a queen overlooking the pasture and the pond. We are sooooo very excited to have little ducklings running around in a month or so. More pictures are coming so stay tuned!!!

New Additions To The You Can Homestead Series!!

Hello all you HOMESTEADERS out there!!!
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